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  1. Michael de Courcy, Meeting on 4th Avenue, 1969
Item Details

Title: Meeting on 4th Avenue

Pictured: Gerry Gilbert

Pictured: Roy Kiyooka

Pictured: Maxine Gadd

Pictured: Judith Copithorne

Pictured: Henry Rappaport

Pictured: Gary Lee-Nova

Artist: Michael de Courcy

Date: November 30, 1969

Format: Photograph [fibre based gelatin silver print]

Location: The Michael de Courcy Archive

Size: 12.70 × 10.20 cm

More Information: A general meeting at Intermedia on 4th Avenue Intermedia relocated in the spring of 1969 from Beatty Street to 4th Avenue. L-R: Gerry Gilbert, Roy Kiyooka, Maxine Gadd, Dallas Selman, Jim Carter, Glenn Toppings, Judith Copithorne, Marcia Stone, Henry Rappaport, Gary Lee-Nova.  Collection of the artist.

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