A digital archive of artwork, ephemera and film.

“It was in this building, filled with video equipment and printing devices, that the new art would be made.” (Michael Turner)

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  • Michael de Courcy, Al Neil reading at the Vancouver Art Gallery, 1968
  • Richard Trueman, Richard in front of montage, 1969
  • Michael de Courcy, Heather McCallum performing at Intermedia nIght, 1968
  • Dome Show Georgia Straight Insert, Gerry Gilbert, Michael de Courcy, 1970
  • Yves Gaucher in his Studio, 1969
  • Martin Bartlett Performance, Martin Bartlett, Michael de Courcy, 1969
  • Roy Kiyooka, Unititled, 1963
  • Carole Itter, Chicken Box #12, 1974
  • Intermedia poster
  • Flashing Sculpture Clicks: Poet Makes Contact With Love, Independent Journal, October 29, 1963
  • Bodo Pfeiffer, Untitled, n.d.
  • event announcements, blewointment press (back cover), 1966
  • The end of the Dome Show, Michael de Courcy, 1970
  • Richard Trueman, Astrology - Carol - Gpayne, 1967
  • Michael de Courcy, Tom Obsourne and his Fibre Optic Egg, 1969
  • Michael de Courcy, Boxes under the Granville Street Bridge, 1969
  • Detail of Al Neil's piano from "What is a Piano" a performance at the Western Front
  • Carole Itter, Alphabet, series of drawings, 1974-75
  • BC Indian Students, Vancouver Sun, April 5, 1968 (page 32)
  • Al Neil, Beach Assemblage, Dollarton, 1972 to present
  • Ellen Neel, Tsonoqua Mash, 1960
  • Henry Hunt finishing Expo 1967 pole in Thunderbird Park Victoria, 1967