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  1. Richard Trueman, Carol in Front of Painting, 1967
Item Details

Title: Carol in Front of Painting

Photographer: Richard Trueman

Date: 1967

Format: Photograph

Location: Collection of Richard Trueman

More Information:  Collection of the artist.

  1. 09. Haida Bear Chief
    Pat McGuire  (Painting)
  2. 10. Haida Raven with Snow
    Pat McGuire  (Painting)
  3. 11. Haida Thunderbird
    Pat McGuire  (Painting)
  4. 12. Haida Volcano Woman
    Pat McGuire  (Painting)
  5. 13. Haida Eagle
    Pat McGuire  (Painting)
  6. 14. Haida Spirit
    Pat McGuire  (Painting)
  7. 15. Moon Festival
    Michael de Courcy and Herb Gilbert (Photograph)