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  1. Bob Masse, William Tell & The Marksmen Tom Northcott, 1966
Item Details

Title: William Tell & The Marksmen Tom Northcott

Artist: Bob Masse

Date: 1966

Format: Ephemera [poster]

Location: Collection of Bob Masse

More Information:  Collection of the artist.

  1. 09. Video screening at Intermedia
    Michael de Courcy, Roy Kiyooka, and Henry Rappaport (Photograph)
  2. 10. Al Neil concert at Intermedia Nights
    Michael de Courcy and Al Neil (Photograph)
  3. 11. The Co. rehearsal at the Vancouver Art Gallery
    Michael de Courcy and Helen Goodwin (Photograph)
  4. 12. Box Works performance
    Bob "Box" Arnold, Michael de Courcy, and Gary Lee-Nova (Photograph)
  5. 13. Video screening at Intermedia
    Michael de Courcy, Al Neil, and Gregg Simpson (Photograph)
  6. 14. Round Midnight
    Al Neil (Audio)
  7. 15. Participant at the Trips Festival
    Jack Dale (Photograph)