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  1. Michael de Courcy, Intermedia meeting with the Art Gallery of Great Victoria, 1969
Item Details

Title: Intermedia meeting at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Pictured: Glenn Lewis

Pictured: Dennis Vance

Pictured: Gathie Falk

Pictured: Gerry Gilbert

Artist: Michael de Courcy

Date: December 31, 1968

Format: Photograph [fibre based gelatin silver print]

Location: The Michael de Courcy Archive

Size: 12.70 × 10.20 cm

More Information: Intermedia was invited to propose an exhibition to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Intermedia members went to Victoria to visit the space and further develop their proposal. This excursion was treated as a performance, Glenn Lewis provided office supplies and folders as props. The proposal was successful and culminated in the exhibition “Art for the Electronic Age” that took place from October 15-November 12 1969. L-R: Dennis Vance, Gathie Falk, Gerry Gilbert, Glenn Lewis. Collection of the artist.

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