Archive / City Visualized as Media Capital, Vancouver Sun, April 15, 1967

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  1. City Visualized as Media Captial, Vancouver Sun, April 15, 1967
Item Details

Title: City Visualized as Media Capital, Vancouver Sun, April 15, 1967

Artist: Intermedia

Date: April 15, 1967

Format: Ephemera [clipping]

Location: Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, UBC

Fonds: Victor Doray, 8.3.04

Publisher: Vancouver Sun, Vancouver

Size: 9.00 × 26.50 cm

  1. 09. City Feast
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  2. 10. La Melancolie de la Rue
    Ian Wallace  (Photograph)
  3. 11. City Feast
    Michael de Courcy and Glenn Lewis (Photograph)
  4. 12. Installing the Dome Show at the Vancouver Art Gallery
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  5. 13. Education Creating Leaders for Indians, Scholars Told, Vancouver Sun, January 31, 1969
    Robert Davidson (Ephemera)
  6. 14. Indian Art, Vancouver Sun, July 6, 1948
    Ted Neel and Ellen Neel (Ephemera)
  7. 15. BC Indian Leader Predicts Large Migration to Cities, Vancouver Sun, May 17, 1967