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  1. Robert Smithson, Glue Pour, 1970
  2. Robert Smithson, Glue Pour, 1970
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More Information:  Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Further Research: Urban Renewal
  1. 09. Robert Davidson carving at Expo 67’
    Robert Davidson (Photograph)
  2. 10. Haida Argillite Carver Robert Davidson, Native Voice, June 1954
    Mungo Martin and Bill Reid (Ephemera)
  3. 11. Haida Argillite Carver Robert Davidson, Native Voice, April, 1962
    Robert Davidson (Ephemera)
  4. 12. BC Indian Students, Vancouver Sun, April 5, 1968
    Robert Davidson (Photograph)
  5. 13. "Electronic Irwin" studio production
    Michael de Courcy and Dennis Vance (Photograph)
  6. 14. Mushroom Festival
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  7. 15. Intermedia meeting at the Vancouver Art Gallery
    Michael de Courcy, Maxine Gadd, Herb Gilbert, Glenn Lewis, and David Rimmer (Photograph)