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  1. Margaret Atwood, "You refuse to own"
  2. Steven McCaffery, "Concrete Poem"
  3. Maxine Gadd, "Notes From The Occupation"
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Item Details

Title: blewointment magazine, Occupation Issew

Writer: Margaret Atwood

Writer: Steve McCaffery

Writer: Maxine Gadd

Editor: bill bissett

Typesetter: Lenore Herb

Date: June 30, 1970

Format: Periodical

Location: Vancouver Art Gallery Library

Fonds: bill bissett

Publisher: blewointment magazine, Vancouver

Size: 25.40 × 38.10 cm

More Information: A thematic issue of blewointment magazine featuring authors from across Canada and the United States. Contributors were free to interpret the idea of “occupation”. The issue included a wide variety of poetry, concrete poetry, collage, and political commentary. Courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.

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